Adams has decided to rescind the upcoming round of budget cuts in NYC, but he plans to reduce spending on migrant-related initiatives.

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    On Wednesday, Mayor Adams reversed plans to implement a 5% budget cut across all city agencies this spring but announced a cut of nearly $600 million in projected spending on housing and services for newly-arrived migrants.

    Initially introduced by City Hall in the fall of 2023, the plan mandated a 5% budget reduction for all agencies in April, following two prior rounds of 5% cuts in November and January, aimed at offsetting costs associated with supporting migrants.

    In a Wednesday afternoon statement, the mayor cited “better-than-expected” city tax revenues in 2023 and a 20% reduction in projected spending on the migrant crisis ordered the previous year as reasons for canceling the April cuts. The improved revenues had previously led Adams to cancel some of the January cuts, including for the NYPD.

    Despite the positive financial developments, Adams emphasized that the city still faces challenges, with hundreds of mostly Latin American migrants arriving weekly. He called for support from Albany and Washington, D.C., stating that additional assistance is needed.

    While rescinding the April cuts, the mayor announced a new plan for a 10% reduction in planned spending on housing and services for migrants over the current 2024 fiscal year and the upcoming 2025 fiscal year, starting on July 1. The Adams administration projects a total expenditure of about $5.8 billion on the migrant crisis over this period. To achieve the 10% reduction, details on how the administration will cut approximately $586 million from this budget were not provided in the mayor’s statement. However, the administration mentioned a shift from for-profit contractors to non-profits for migrant-related services as one method to achieve the 20% reduction in projected spending. The mayor’s team also attributed the cost re-estimate to the controversial 60- and 30-day notice policies, limiting consecutive stays in city shelters for migrants, including families with children.



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