America’sAmerican Airlines has increased fees for checked bags and introduced a reduced rate for overweight luggage.

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    Prepare to spend a bit more on your next checked bag when flying with American Airlines.

    On Tuesday, American Airlines announced an increase in the first checked bag fee to $40 for most flights, with a discounted rate of $35 available for those who pay before arriving at the airport. This marks the first fee hike since 2018 when the airline charged $30 for a first checked bag on most flights.

    Scott Chandler, American’s senior vice president of revenue management and loyalty, cited the rise in fuel costs as a significant factor in the decision. He explained, “Fuel has gone up quite a bit. That’s a big component of our costs when we’re carrying bags. We periodically look at all of our costs and where we can sort of help balance cost out with revenues.”

    Chandler emphasized that elite frequent flyers, co-branded credit card holders, and premium cabin customers will still enjoy complimentary checked bags under the new program. However, he suggested that passengers could enhance their airport experience by pre-registering their bags in advance, noting, “For all of them, we want to make it also easy to go through the airport. If all you’re doing is printing a bag tag, we’re investing in technology to make that easy.”



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