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    Full Name: Marie Bedjine Love David

    Date of Birth: January 3, 1998

    Age: 26

    Social Media Profiles: Instagram – @bedjineofficiel; YouTube – @bedjineofficiel7596

    Net Worth: ?

    Early Career Insights: ?

    Marie Bedjine Love David, known in the music industry as Bedjine, rose to fame in the Haitian Music Industry (HMI) by initially displaying her vocal skills at church events and school cultural gatherings.

    Her journey in the music scene began in earnest in 2016, marking the start of her collaborations with renowned Haitian musicians like Fantom (in “Let de blam”) and Matyas (in “Prezantasyon Alè Kile”).

    Presently, Bedjine forms one half of a duo with the celebrated Haitian artist K-Dilak and runs a beauty store named Bedjbeauty.

    Bedjbeauty Store Details: Instagram – @Bedjbeauty

    Notable Tracks by Bedjine:

    Upcoming Events and Notable Appearances:


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