L’Union Suite: Celebrating 12 Years of Impactful Media

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    Today, November 6th of 2023 in New York L’Union Suite, the influential Haitian-American media platform, has marked a significant milestone as it commemorates the celebration of 12 years of excellence in the industry. Every platform celebrates at its own calibre. Therefore, the partnership of FYW TV and L’union Suite set the bar high. The occasion was even more momentous as the CEO, Wanda Tima, and her sister/business partner, Jennifer Tima, the CMO, were honored via a billboard in Time Square.

    Just to drive a little bit in the background of L’Union Suite, it has gained widespread recognition for its engaging content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter… and its presence at major events, standing its position as a cultural force. The platform’s unwavering commitment has never been different from uplifting and empowering the Haitian-American community and has garnered the respect and admiration of a global audience as it has ever since its start. It is known as one of the biggest media firms in the Caribbean.

    Among all the main points to mark, the company’s CEO background is not something to sleep on.
    Wanda Tima, known as “Wanda” was born and raised in Turks and Caicos before relocating to South Florida.
    Wanda is the firstborn of a family of four children, with parents originally from Cap-Haitian, Haiti.

    At the age of 16, Wanda graduated from Dillard High School. With the same hunger and drive, she broke her family’s curse by becoming the first person in her family to ever earn a college degree. One of the main places that highlights her studies is Bethune-Cookman University where she earned a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication, specializing in Journalism and Public Relations.

    Her career in broadcast includes various radio stations, interning for BET Network, and two television stations in Florida.

    In 2011, Wanda launched “L’union Suite”, which began as a personal project to help Haitian Americans connect with their heritage. However, this took a drastic turn for the best, and the company has grown into L’union Media Group, LLC’s “L’union Suite”, reaching over 450,000 subscribers and 5-15 million weekly viewers.
    As mentioned prior, the platform offers trending news, celebrity updates, lifestyle features, and local news, and has expanded to include events, live shows, YouTube series, and podcasts covering Haitian culture and events worldwide.

    Very important thing to keep in mind when referring to the CEO and the platform. L’union Suite is bigger than a blog platform, it is indeed a business, and Wanda is NOT a blogger, she is indeed a journalist.

    To merge back to today’s focus, time and location were not just a hazard; choosing the best place to honor the best works. In a testament to L’union Suite’s enduring impact, teams came together to witness the grand reveal. This iconic moment they were served as a fitting tribute to their 12th anniversary, further cementing their legacy in the media landscape.

    Before the Billboard reveal, we had the chance to have some words and also certain questions answered by the CEO Tima Wanda.
    During that interview, she had the chance to thank her staff and explain the rollercoaster ride of her journey. For viewers’ interest, you may want to visit our website and YouTube page to get the full interview.

    FYW TV captured everything that you would not want to miss during that celebration. From a bit of sadness to laughter, questions to answers, jokes to advice. Most importantly, the reveal.
    In the many ways, there is to thank a group, the unveiling of the billboard was what we believed to be the poignant symbol of L’Union Suite’s journey, highlighting the dedication and hard work.
    As the quote goes, “It does get easier with time” and the other responds, “No, it does not get easier, we get stronger”. This was to emphasize that the long journey of Wanda and her partners is not an easy one, but because of the love they have for their fans and what they do, they just simply refuse to give up.

    As L’union Suite art continues to be recognized around the world, the staff gave their words to double up their efforts in making the next chapter of the platform‘s narrative even more impactful in inspiring and empowering all for years to come.

    Once again, congratulations to Tima Wanda, Jennifer Tima, and the entire L’Union Suite team on this impeccable accomplishment. Cheers to 12 years of elevating voices, shaping narratives, and making a lasting difference.


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