The Department of Justice has indicated that Boeing might be subject to criminal liability regarding the 737 Max crashes.

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    The Department of Justice informed a federal judge on Tuesday that Boeing has breached a 2021 agreement that shielded the company from criminal prosecution after two 737 Max crashes resulted in the deaths of 346 people overseas. According to the DOJ, Boeing neglected to establish and enforce a compliance and ethics program to prevent and detect violations of U.S. fraud laws across its operations.

    Although the government has not yet decided whether to pursue prosecution against Boeing, attorneys representing the families of the crash victims expressed their desire for further action in the case. Paul Cassell, an attorney for the victims’ families and a law professor at the University of Utah College of Law, described the DOJ’s action as a positive initial step, emphasizing the need for accountability.

    Boeing acknowledged receipt of the DOJ’s decision and stated its intention to respond accordingly. The company emphasized its belief that it had complied with the terms of the deferred prosecution agreement and expressed readiness to engage transparently with the Department.

    Government officials have scheduled a meeting with crash victims for May 31 and instructed Boeing to provide a response to the filing by June 13. The Department will notify the court by July 7 about its intended course of action, which could include pursuing criminal charges against the company.

    Boeing has faced heightened scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers this year, particularly following the grounding of its 737 Max jets. In January, an incident involving an Alaska Airlines 737 Max raised concerns, prompting the Federal Aviation Administration to ground similar jets and initiate new investigations into Boeing’s production practices. Passengers on the affected flight were subsequently notified by the FBI about the potential criminal nature of the incident.



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