The Midwest awakens after a tumultuous night of tornadoes and storms, commencing the process of evaluating the widespread destruction.

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    As dawn broke over the Midwest on Sunday, scenes of devastation unfolded across multiple counties in Oklahoma. Reports indicated severe structural damage, closed highways, power outages, injuries, and tragically, at least one fatality. Overnight, there were 35 reported tornadoes, adding to the ongoing crisis.

    Approximately 27 million people remained at risk of further severe weather, including high winds, hail, flooding, and the potential for additional tornadoes. This turbulent weather followed closely on the heels of another severe outbreak just 36 hours earlier, which ravaged six states, with Nebraska and Iowa bearing the brunt of the destruction.

    The Norman, Oklahoma weather service office confirmed multiple tornadoes in its jurisdiction, including one near Davenport and several around Sulphur, a small town severely impacted by the storms. Sulphur, with its population of about 5,000, suffered significant damage, with reports of toppled trees, scattered debris, and buildings reduced to rubble.

    Emergency responders and organizations such as the Red Cross were mobilizing to assist affected residents. The Red Cross announced the opening of a shelter in Sulphur and was coordinating aid efforts with officials across numerous counties.

    In neighboring Hughes County, one fatality and several injuries were reported, along with extensive damage to structures, following a tornado late Saturday. Additionally, communities in Garfield, Grant, Kay, Payne, and other Oklahoma counties were also affected, with homes and buildings damaged or destroyed.

    Although some tornado warnings had passed by early Sunday morning, the threat of flash flooding persisted. Meteorologists from the National Weather Service’s Norman branch planned to assess the impacted areas, with teams dispatched throughout the week to provide assistance and gather data on the extent of the damage and ongoing weather risks.


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