Two additional individuals have been detained in relation to the death of a woman from eastern Iowa.

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    In Iowa County, Iowa, two men have been apprehended and face charges linked to the killing of a woman from eastern Iowa.

    Early Sunday, Iowa County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a picnic spot near Amana Lily Lake, following a report about a discovered body. The deceased was later identified as 20-year-old Melody Hoffman.

    McKinley Louisma, 23, Hoffman’s boyfriend, was detained on Tuesday in connection to her murder. Initially facing charges of first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit a forcible felony, Louisma is now additionally charged with first-degree murder.

    Court records reveal that Louisma confessed to DCI agents about his and 18-year-old Dakota Lyle Van Patten’s involvement in Hoffman’s death. They reportedly restrained Hoffman with duct tape at Morgan Creek Park in Linn County and placed her in the trunk of a car. During this ordeal, Hoffman’s Apple Watch recorded a spike in her heart rate before it ceased or the device was deactivated. According to the documents, Louisma and Van Patten drove to various locations with Hoffman in the trunk before arriving at Amana Lily Lake in Iowa County. Louisma disclosed to the authorities that during this period, Hoffman was assaulted, stabbed, and cut multiple times before being abandoned at the lake.

    The Iowa State Medical Examiner’s Office suspects strangulation as the cause of Hoffman’s death. A search at Van Patten’s residence led to the discovery of a towing rope segment believed to have been used in Hoffman’s murder. Recent legal documents implicate a third party in the conspiracy with Louisma and Van Patten to murder Hoffman on February 17.

    Before the incident, Logan Kimpton, 20, was recorded on surveillance footage buying two machetes and gloves alongside Louisma and Van Patten, according to a criminal complaint. Kimpton confessed during questioning that he purchased a machete and backed out of participating in Hoffman’s murder.

    Moreover, it emerged that Kimpton had disclosed to several individuals ahead of Hoffman’s death that he and two others had a plan to commit a murder, as per court documents.

    Both Van Patten and Kimpton face charges of conspiracy to commit a forcible felony. Van Patten is additionally charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping.



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