YourFellowArab, a popular YouTube personality from the United States, was abducted in Haiti while attempting to arrange a meeting with the notorious gang leader known as ‘Barbecue’.

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    An American YouTube sensation has been kidnapped in Haiti by one of the gangs that effectively rule the nation, as he endeavored to interview the country’s most infamous gang leader.

    Addison Pierre Maalouf recognized online as YourFellowArab or simply “Arab,” journeyed from his residence in Atlanta to engage in an interview with Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier, the head of the notorious G9 and Family gang which has assumed control of the government, as per

    However, merely 24 hours after he arrived in the country, Maalouf and a Haitian associate were seized by members of the 400 Mawozo gang on March 14th.

    He’s kept captive until $600,000 is paid. Despite giving $40,000, the kidnappers still want more money to let him go, says the Haitian news.

    As word of the YouTube star’s abduction circulated on the internet Thursday, fellow streamer Lalem confirmed that his friend had been kidnapped.

    “I attempted to keep it confidential for two weeks, but now it’s spreading everywhere,” Lalem posted on X.

    “Yes, Arab has been abducted in Haiti, and we’re actively working on securing his release,” he stated confidently, assuring, “he will be freed soon.”

    Lalem also circulated the final video posted by Maalouf online, depicting him at a hotel in Haiti cautioning his audience about the perils of being in the country.

    In the video, Maalouf mentioned that he and his team planned to journey to the capital city of Port-au-Prince but had to delay until the early morning to ensure their arrival in daylight.



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