3 Migrants arrested in citywide crime spree

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    According to CeeFaan Kim In the Bronx, New York City, early on Monday, police arrested three migrants as part of an investigation into a series of citywide crimes, including the theft of women’s phones right off the streets.

    After searching a location they suspected was a hideout, officers took these individuals into custody. They are likely to face charges for numerous thefts and major theft cases, and the police are on the lookout for additional suspects. The belief is that these individuals were stealing phones mainly to use the Apple Pay feature and make purchases with the credit cards connected to these phones.

    NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry highlighted on social media that while many migrants arrive in New York City hoping for a better life, a few engage in criminal activities. He emphasized the NYPD’s commitment to public safety and justice, stating that during a city-wide operation, significant progress was made against a major pattern of robberies troubling the city. The message from the police is clear: those who commit crimes in the city will be pursued and brought to justice.

    Mayor Adams spoke on the broader context of migration, acknowledging that the vast majority of the 172,000 migrants and asylum seekers in the city are looking for the same opportunities as everyone else. However, he condemned those who come with the intention of breaking the law and compromising public safety.

    A local resident expressed frustration with the situation, suggesting that those who commit crimes should be deported.

    Maria Ortiz, who has lived in the area for nine years, shared her perspective as well.

    The individuals arrested are believed to be from Venezuela and are suspected of being involved in at least 62 instances of stealing women’s purses and phones.

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