Biden to finally visit East Palestine, Ohio this week — more than a year after toxic spill From NEW YORK POST

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    Biden to Tour East Palestine Following Toxic Train Derailment

    President Biden is set to visit East Palestine, Ohio, this Friday, in response to last year’s Norfolk Southern train derailment that released toxic chemicals into the environment. The visit follows intense criticism from Republicans for not visiting the affected community since the disaster on February 3, 2023.


    White House Announces Biden’s Accountability and Support Mission  

    “The President will travel to East Palestine, Ohio to discuss how the Administration is continuing to work with state and local officials to hold Norfolk Southern accountable and support the community as it moves forward,” stated the White House.

    Toxic Aftermath of Norfolk Southern Derailment

    A Norfolk Southern freight train carrying toxic chemicals derailed last year, leading to a controversial controlled burn and the release of carcinogenic dioxins and over 100,000 gallons of vinyl chloride, along with at least four other hazardous substances.

    Local Republican Mayor Invites Biden to East Palestine

    East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway, a Republican, extended an invitation to President Biden to visit the town, signaling bipartisan concern for the community’s welfare.

    White House Sets February Visit Without Firm Date

    A White House official confirmed President Biden’s intention to visit East Palestine in February but had not specified a date until now.

    Trump’s Visit and Political Blame Game  

    Following the derailment, former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine, providing support to first responders and residents. Meanwhile, Democrats, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, have pointed to rail deregulations under Trump’s administration as contributing factors.

    Biden’s Previous Comments on East Palestine Visit 

    President Biden, addressing his absence in East Palestine, cited a busy schedule and international commitments as reasons for the delay.

    East Palestine Residents Face Health Concerns Post-Derailment

    Residents have reported various health issues following exposure to the spilled chemicals, raising concerns about the long-term impact on the community’s well-being.

    Administration’s Pledge to East Palestine

    “The President will discuss his commitment to ensuring the people of East Palestine are not defined by this single event, and that his administration is delivering on the needs of families, businesses, and affected residents,” the White House emphasized.

    Legislative Responses to Improve Rail Safety

    In response to the disaster, lawmakers have proposed the bipartisan Railway Safety Act among other measures to enhance rail safety standards.



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