The Copa America Hits the North: Georges G. Louis Reports for FYW TV from New York, USA.

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    While some debates on what the best sport is in certain countries, there are those who know what the world’s most tasteful sport is.

    At that moment, there are still those who debate by using opinions/emotions, rather than facts; but the ears must listen to what the world speaks.

    Without further due, the dream has come true once again for all soccer or some football lovers since 1994, the World Cup hosted in the United States, and now the Copa America to soon join the list in 2024 as it comes to the North. The United States is also known to be the only non-CONMEBOL country to host the event in the past in 2016.

    As we know, football is going through a crisis that marks the end of an era known as the best of our generation and/or of all time. As Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, and many other stars are approaching the end of their journeys, this represents a great opportunity to share with some of them the pressure, passion, desire, joy, and sadness to mark their incredible careers. Especially while there is still a question mark on whether or not we will witness Messi, Neymar, Dimaria, or Suarez in the coming world cup.

    As the joy attends a fever pitch, what is more thrilling news than the arrival of the upcoming Copa America. As the word used before…“dream”.

    Imagine adoring the cleverness of Messi, the goal-scoring ability of Suarez, the stylish skills of Neymar, the vibrant dance celebrations of the Brazilians, the passion of Angel Dimaria, the saves of David Ospina, the instruments of the crowds, the commentary of Peter Drury and the heartbeats/life of the Copa America on the North American soil.

    Can you feel the heart race building, the blood pressure rising, the smirk, the smile, the joy? Well, if you can feel it, get ready to live the magic as the iconic tournament makes its historic debut in “our very own backyard!”

    For the new lovers of the beautiful game, a Copa America is a soccer tournament involving all qualified countries/teams on the American soil. It was founded in 1916, when it was originally known as “South American Championship”.

    This movement was established by the head of football in the south of the continent referring to CONMEBOL, or South American Football Confederation. For the trivia lovers, just keep in mind that confederation was founded the same year that the first Copa America was held, 1916.

    The Copa America consists of South American countries along with invited ones from other confederations.

    The first ever country to win it the Copa America is Uruguay in 1916, against La Albiceleste in a penalty shootout after 120 minutes draw of 0-0.

    The competition takes place every four years, although, some scheduling conflicts, or other events may contradict the pattern.

    The last Copa America held in 2021, won by Argentina on a 1-0 score (Angel Dimaria) against La Seleção mark the 47th time it took place ever since its debut in 1916.

    Out of all the 47th times of the tournament, Uruguay and Argentina are joint record holders for the most titles with 15, and Brazil third with 9.

    For the rest of the tournaments titles, they are shared among countries like: Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Columbia and Bolovia.

    1. Uruguay – 15 titles

    2. Argentina – 15 titles

    3. Brazil – 9 titles

    4. Chile – 2 titles

    5. Paraguay – 2 titles

    6. Peru – 2 titles

    7. Colombia – 1 title

    8. Bolivia – 1 title

    The Copa America’s arrival in North America represents a historic milestone, transcending geographical boundaries and uniting soccer enthusiasts in a celebration of the beautiful game. A lot of soccer fans here with us in the US are expecting a lot from this event, but still, are willing to witness the unexpected, or in other words, the unbelievable.

    As for our dear love for our loyal members, we promise to keep you updated and on pitch with every details that the tournament forecasts. FYW tv promises to capture and transfer the essence of the tournament’s impact not only to the city but all over the world to your friends and families. Whether through writings, lives, recaps, long footage; you will indeed be informed. We are from the city that never sleeps, so we do not count on sleeping on the ones depending on us during this moment of love and passion. We ourselves are impatient to witness the stage that predicts an unforgettable spectacle.

    We would not only captivate moments on the fields, but we will also captivate audiences and share the love in the hearts of each fan separately. Not only for this year or this tournament; but for all the years to come.

    Stay tuned for captivating insights, exclusive coverage, and the pulse of the soccer fervor that will reverberate through the city streets. The Copa America has arrived in North America, and G. Louis is your guide to the heart of the action.

    What a dream coming true as the event takes place in a region known for its love of the beautiful game.



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