According to Bill Kaufman, Killer Mike calls the 2024 Grammy Awards battery arrest “Speed Bump” on His Historic Night.

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    Killer Mike, a 48-year-old rapper whose real name is Michael Santiago Render, shared his story about an unusual experience at this year’s Grammy Awards, which happened on Sunday, February 4th. Before the main show was broadcasted on TV, he won three big awards for hip-hop music. but , just as the prime-time show was about to start at the Arena in Los Angeles, he was taken aside by security.

    On Monday morning, February 5th, Killer Mike spoke on V103’s Big Tigger Morning Show about his eventful night at the Grammys. Despite being up all night celebrating, when asked about what happened on Sunday, Mike played it cool, saying, “I won a Grammy. We partied all night. Shout out to my record label. Nothing bad happened, we’re just winners. That’s all.”

    When the host, Tigger, tried to get more details about why Mike left the Grammys and then returned, Mike chose to talk about how sharp he looked in his all-black outfit, the fancy car he arrived in, and his expensive $400K Cuban link necklace, rather than go into the details of his arrest. He mentioned picking up his awards and described a minor hiccup (which seemed to hint at his arrest) before getting back to the party.

    After winning best rap song and best rap performance for “Scientists & Engineers,” and best rap album for his solo work “Michael,” Mike was detained over a minor legal issue. The Los Angeles Police Department later shared details on Twitter, stating, “On Sunday, February 4th, just after 4 pm, a man was detained and handcuffed following a physical altercation on Chick Hearn Court. He was arrested and taken to the LAPD Central Division.”

    On the morning of Monday, February 5th, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to Billboard via email that Michael Santiago Render, also known as Killer Mike, was the individual referred to in their Sunday tweet. He was charged with misdemeanor battery but was released without having to post bail. As of the latest update, representatives for Killer Mike and the Recording Academy had not responded to Billboard’s inquiries for more details, and no further information about the incident leading to his arrest was available.

    During the conversation on the show, when co-host Jazzy questioned if the arrest had overshadowed his three Grammy victories, Mike firmly denied that it had affected his celebration. He corrected the notion that he was “carried out” or that the arrest detracted from his achievements. “I wasn’t carried out of anywhere. We’re not even going to entertain that question,” he stated, highlighting the significance of an Atlanta artist winning the best rap album in a year marking the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. For more click the link below.

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